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"The Docuseries is a documentary magazine that chronicles my journey and interactions with individuals, whether they be family, personal acquaintances, or business connections. This magazine will showcase intriguing people and experiences."

90's Throwback Birthday Bash for Celebrity PR Katina Fields

Had a blast this weekend at celebrity publicist, Katina Fields’ 90s-themed birthday bash hosted y Christ Spencer! LA vibes were on point, with amazing people, networking and celebrating Katina’s greatness, @brandontjackson @Joetorry were some of the comedians amongst the entertainment industry filled room. Servers worked the room with a tray of hors d’oeuvres, while the open bar kept the party flowing. Shout out to @ruben_valenz who had my cocktails on point! The stage was lit with awesome artists, 2 of my favs of the night @supastarc and @handsomechaz they’re both blessed with vocals that carry weight. Let’s not forget the DJ vibes… @flexaforeal 90s jams had us feeling nostalgic for the golden era of hip hop and R&B. Definitely a night to remember! Happy Birthday, , from DJ Chic Chick, @traccradio


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