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Explore the diverse talents of Tina Redmond,

formally known as Dj Chic Chick, now known as TRACC, The DJ

not only through this dynamic platform, but as a comedy improv Sagaftra actress, DJ, and interactive multimedia mogul that has so much to offer as a creative artist.

TRACC is very hands on with her the brand. Creative bookings are as followed:

  • Dj

  • Interview

  • Event/Concert Press or Media Producer

  • Improv Host

  • Mobile Studio Pop Up Curator

Discover more about her various skills by clicking the provided links.

To book her services, kindly submit your request below.



Who is Tina Redmond
formally known as  DJ Chic Chick now known as TRACC, The DJ?

Tina hails from Los Angeles, but was raised in the city of Inglewood, California since the age of 6. Her passion for entertainment blossomed early, often showcasing her talents as the sole child, entertaining family gatherings and honing her confidence in front of an audience. As a young adult, she ventured into the fashion and beauty industry before refocusing on entertainment in 2010. Tina embarked on a journey between LA, NYC, and ATL for bookings and to refine her craft, eventually broadening her skills in music and broadcasting.


In 2018, Tina relocated to Atlanta to concentrate on establishing her brand in the Southeast, securing slots on local online radio stations, an AM station and an a pirate station in the UK, expanding her reach internationally. Her diverse roster of guests, ranged from local independent music artists to celebrities and professionals across various fields, propelled her career, earning her DJ gigs alongside celebrities at a rapid pace. Amidst the pandemic, Tina launched her own station, TRACC RADIO, garnering significant press coverage and market achievements.


Following a trip back to her roots in LA, Tina, deeply connected to her immediate family, after being away due to the pandemic, she felt compelled to return home, relocating her base of operations. This move reignited her inspiration, driving her to elevate her brand's professionalism. With a renewed focus on the business aspect, Tina temporarily scaled back on interviews and DJing, making personal sacrifices to nurture her platforms. As she prepares to unveil her revamped platform under the new name TRACC RADIO.TV and introduce TRACC THE PODCAST, audiences can anticipate a blend of music, laughter, and lifestyle journeys.


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